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ALEXIS KRIEL comes from a media background as a journalist and film maker. At 19, she was the youngest fashion editor in the country, going on to make commercials and music videos through the early 1980’s.


By 1985, she looked set for a career in film, when by chance or destiny, she found herself living in a temple in what was an Indian area during South Africa’s unholy era of the ‘Group Areas Act’. In the ten years of her temple life, she meditated for 2 hours a day and studied Sanskrit and Indian mysticism. She married an Indian, thereby breaking the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act, in the time leading up to the 1994 elections.


Alexis started travelling to India in 1988 and has been there 30 times for travel and business. India has been the background for her work since then, as celebrity chef and travel consultant.


Alexis sees herself at the crossover of Indian and Western culture and is the perfect person to guide you to your India experience. She is a powerful voice for animals and is actively involved with pangolins, as the Projects Director of the African Pangolin Working Group.  


HELENA KRIEL is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter who spends her time between Los Angeles and South Africa. 

A world traveller, she has journeyed to India multiple times. As screenwriter for the film Kama Sutra she spent months there doing research and studied with spiritual masters in remote parts of India. As a seeker of truth, fun and freedom, she has travelled around India with barefoot monks and meditated in caves. 

Inspired by people and their wisdom, she looks for truth from her Uber drivers, her students, and the sages who have given everything up to find how to be alive. 

She has journeyed into India for no particular reason other than to enjoy the colour, the sensuality, the people, the challenge and diversity that the country brings. She loves nothing more than drinking chai in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by people and buffaloes. 

Deeply committed to animals, she is the founder and president of Baby Rhino Rescue, an international non-profit dedicated to saving the rhino from extinction. She counts herself luckiest when she has mud on her boots, and a rhino for company.

She is dedicated to taking people on adventures, looking for meaning and fun.

She teaches screenwriting in the Spalding University’s MFA in Writing Program. 

Helena Kriel's memoir Great Heart will be published in July 2019.